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Hey there, I’m Soph!

I’ve worked on building the business of my dreams over the past 7 years amongst hustling and raising 4 beautiful children to ensure I keep that creative spark alive within me.

I bring to you a range of indulgent candles, gorgeous hand & body products and now also fun creative candle classes.

As a busy mum I know its sought out to not only have lovely smelling things in your home but also I take pride in a minimalistic approach to my branding and packaging which keeps in line with the natural local elements sounding me.

Each product is hand made in my Miranda based warehouse and adds as a modern statement to your home.

Soph xx


“Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance. It ignites the senses & our instinct to explore afar & seek out the familiar."


Deluxe candle in Australia - Our Deluxe candle is defiantly a commitment to a candle with over 150 hours burn time this show stopping fishbowl style candle is my kind of long burner. Australia is my fave scent to light & burn for the day once I've cleaned my house as the perfect fresh, yet Australian floral scent to make me feel a sense of relaxation of a Saturday to start the weekend right.

Uplift Room Mist - This is every mothers go to when you have the "surprise guests" pop over, a quick spritz of our room spray of the lounge, down the staircase & you've instantly got a beautifully fragranced home. Blended with 100% essential oils this natural product is a winner in my household every time!



Red Rose & Ruby Plum Candle - This one of my absolute favourite scents right now as it is so fresh giving of a crisp but yet pretty floral fragrance. You get to enjoy the juicy fruity notes of the plum mixed with the smell of nanas rose garden. Such a gorgeous candle. 



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